“Amazing!  Thank you both so much for guiding us through this in an exceptionally busy patch of our lives - we are very grateful.“
~2019, Zach, Portland, OR

“We are over the moon!  And a little dizzy from the lightning speed.  And so grateful.  Thank you both for not only being great at what you do but going above and beyond what we thought possible.  You rock!”
~2019, Hans, Hillsboro, OR

“Thanks, Ken!  You and your team have been amazing to work with.  I know we have a bit more work to do still, but honestly I am enjoying working with you all.  Super helpful, responsive, knowledgeable and organized!!”
~2019, Marsi, Deer Island, OR

“Thanks, Ken!  You have been amazing.“
~2019, Gayle, Portland, OR

“We enjoyed working with you and your staff and you can be sure we will refer you.“
~2018, Victoria and Luis, Portland, OR

“Thank you all for all the assistance throughout this process.  Your team has been top!”
~2018, Travis, Portland, OR

“We move in at the end of this month.  Looking forward to it!  Couldn’t be happier with the way things went with you guys.  My gut was right.  Keep doing what you’re doing!  I’ll definitely let the world know on google.  As well as refer friends.  Thanks again!”
~2018, Jesse, Beaverton, OR

“I have loved working with NW Premier and would never work with anyone else!“
~2018, Kari, Wilsonville, OR

“This was a phenomenal experience working with all of you!  You did an outstanding job for me in record time.  I deeply and greatly appreciate all of your efforts.  Resa, as always, you’ve been a true-life saver for me.  Again, thank you so very, very much!”
~2018, Natalie, Gladstone, OR

“Much gratitude for the help you all gave me and my project.  Everyone was so nice and supportive.  I forever give thanks for good people like you.  The new house thanks you too.  It’s wonderful.“
~2018, Irena, Portland, OR

Ken, you made helping our son Fritz with his first condo purchase an easy process for Brooke and I.  We are grateful for your professional expertise.  Especially for arranging Brooke's away signing.  Fritz was fortunate to have you and the best residential real estate agent in the city!  Thank you!
~2017, Libby, Portland, OR


“You guys are amazing.  Without your help, Wynter and I don't think this would have gotten done. Thank you so much for everything and we plan on telling everyone how hard your company worked on helping us secure our new home.”
~2017, Richard and Wynter, Sherwood, OR

Dear Ken and everyone, I appreciate all your hard work!  There were a lot of adversities and challenges that we all faced.  However, we overcame all of them which really shows that your company is in a much higher league of its own.   I wish everyone great success in all you do and would recommend you to other home buyers!  Thank you again Ken and everyone!”
~2017, Thai, Kent, WA

“You are officially a miracle worker.  Awesome news!  Thank you x100 Ken for your weekly miracles throughout this process.”
~2017, Martha, Albany, OR

"Thanks so much Ken!  We really appreciate your help in buying the beach house – we're having so much fun there!  Thank you!"
~2016, Darin and Cathie Jo, Newberg, OR

"Whitney and Libbie, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to work with the two of you.  You guys are amazing and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.  Thank you so much for being who you two are and really going the extra mile for your clients!  Thank you so much ladies!!"
~2016, Dena, Portland, OR

"Resa, I wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you for your help and assistance and especially for your patience in getting my refinance done swiftly.  I appreciate everything you and your staff did."
~2016, Barb, Beaverton, OR

"Yahoo!  I can hardly believe it happened.  Ken and Libbie, it has been such a great experience working with you both.  I will definitely be telling anyone I know looking for a mortgage to call you first.  Thanks for all your help in making this such a quick, smooth and easy process.  Wow. it finally happened."
~2016, Kevin, Tigard, OR

"Thank you so much Libbie and Ken.  This is just awesome and it seems so surreal.  Thank you again for all of your help, you both made this so easy.  We appreciate all that you have done. "
~2016, JoAnn, Portland, OR  

"My sister should be reaching out to you this week or next.  She's just starting the property search process and I told her it was important to start working with you early on to determine what she can afford and what price range she should be working in.  She will be a first time home buyer so I'm sure she'll have a ton of questions.  I really appreciated all of your hard work when I was buying my house so I wouldn't have referred her to anyone else!"
~2016, Patricia, Portland, OR

"Sara and Ken, thank you very much for your hard work and answering all the questions we had.  It was a lot of back and forth, and you helped us make the best decision.  I will definitely pass on your information to others that are looking for home mortgages.  Thanks again for everything."
~2015, Chirag, Portland, OR

"Gregg, thanks again for your assistance with our refinance.  It's been great working with you!"
~2015, Gaia, Portland, OR

"Whitney and Sara, thank you again for all your effort on our behalf and for keeping the process as stress free as possible!!!"
~2015, Scott and Tracy, Tigard, OR

"Thanks again for everything. You are so good at what you do!"
~2015, Amy, Fairview, OR

'We really enjoyed working with you and your team and hope you keep us in mind whenever interest rates go down in the future.  We are counting on you to let us know in case that ever happens!"
~2015, Wanita, Portland, OR

"We really appreciate all the help.  You all made it pretty easy.  Thanks!"
~2015, Josh, Portland, OR

"Thank you so much for all your support!  We really appreciate all the work you did to make this happen - not an easy feat we now realize.  We will definitely refer others!"
~2015, Amanda, Portland, OR

"Sara and Gregg, thanks so much for your patience with us and all of your support.  We will absolutely refer you to our friends!!"
~2015, Tandra, Portland, OR

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  We are so grateful for all your tremendous support!  We are so thrilled that we were introduced to the NW Premier team.  You all have been a complete blessing to our family.  We are looking forward to connecting in late August or September and sharing a cocktail and our gratitude in person."
~2015, Robert, Portland, OR

"Thank you very much Libbie!!!   We had a great experience working with you, and will definitely provide referrals to your services.  It was so great and easy working with you!"
~2015, Robert, Dallas, OR

"Libbie… thanks to you guys for ALL the help in making this transaction so very positive.  We will always recommend you and Ken.  You are super …thanks...it's done!!!"
~2015, Wanita, Portland, OR

"Thanks, everyone!  The process went smoothly, as always.  We love working with NW Premier and will definitely recommend your team."
~2015, Tammi, Lake Oswego, OR

"Ken and Sara, thank you both for your work on this, seriously.  I owe you guys some cocktails whether you want them or not. While not the easiest transaction, I'm glad it worked out and a sincere thank you to you both."
~2015, Jake, Portland, OR

"Ken and Libbie:  I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary amount of hand holding and excellent care on my two loans."
~2015, Nancy, Portland, OR

"You guys rocked it!  Thanks so much! You know I'm always referring NW Premier to folks!!"
~2015, Andy, Portland, OR

"Ken... Thank you for your help securing me this great rate.  And it was a pleasure working with Libbie, too.  She helped keep me on track and up-to-date throughout the entire process.  You have a great team!"
~2015, Tommy, Portland, OR

"Like ....OH.....MY....GAAAAAAWD! TOTALLY?   Like, that is uh...like....Uhhhhhhh Mazing!  Thanks!  You are all excellent. Will be recommending your services to everyone we can!"
~2015, Sean, Portland, OR

"Whitney, thank you so much for making the process so simple.  I wish we'd had you when we did the initial mortgage process on this house!"
~2015, Victoria, Portland, OR

"I am very grateful to all of you for being so patient with us, and for always being so service-minded. Every time we've worked with your team it's been a great experience. And we've always referred folks and will continue to do so. Now we will pop some bubbles!"
~2015, Greg, Portland, OR

"I'll definitely recommend Whitney to anyone buying a house.  Thanks for always being on the ball!"
~2015, Josh, Portland, OR

"We live in Seattle and recently bought a beach condo in Seaside, OR. Resa was awesome to work with, and the whole buying process was a pleasure! NW Premier Mortgage, Inc. is a well-organized business with experienced professionals ready to assist you! Thank you for all the help towards closure!"
~2014, Tim, Kirkland, WA

"NW Premium Mortgage is an excellent choice. Their costs are very competitive, and they have excellent customer service. I have done all my refi's with Ken, and his amazing staff. I highly recommend their services."
~2014, Dan, Portland, OR

"Thanks all. You guys were TERRIFIC as always!"
~2014, Jeff, Sherwood, OR

"Ken, I wanted to say Thank You. You were a great help in all of this. You can be proud of what you do. Fantastic service."
~2014, Gabe, Portland, OR

"Sara, thank you and all of the NW Premier's Mortgage team for all of your hard work in helping us to buy our first house. We are thrilled and we appreciate all of you and your team's meticulous work. We will certainly refer people to you. Many thanks again and best of luck to you all."
~2014, Jennifer, Portland, OR

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your time and effort in helping us getting the loan for our purchase. Your dedication, professionalism, expertise, and friendliness made it easy for us throughout the entire process. It has been a pleasure working with you. Again, Thank You."
~2014, Tam and Tuyen, Sherwood, OR

"I got the keys yesterday!!  Very exciting!  It was great working with you all.  Thank you all so much for all of your help throughout the process, and walking me through the details when I needed!"
~2014, Jonathan, Beaverton, OR

"Thank you Sara and Ken! I've been so blessed to work with you! I appreciate everything you did for me."
~2014, Leesa, Hillsboro, OR

"I have used NW Premier for nearly 6 refis and 2 new purchases. That is a lot of work. I wouldn't want to endure it with anyone other than the fine folks at NW Premier. Ken & the team have done so much for me; I can't thank them enough. Thanks for getting done what seemed impossible."
~2014, Andrew, Portland, OR

"We worked with Ken and Libbie to get a loan for our house purchase.  They were both extremely helpful and willing to walk us through each step of the process.  We were able to get a really short closing and get into our house earlier than expected.  I would highly recommend them for a refinance or home purchase."
~2014, Ryan, Portland, OR

"It's good working with you and your group and I will continue to recommend you guys to other people :)."
~2014, Ian, Hillsboro, OR

"We bought our home in 2013 and had Ken and his team took care of our mortgage for us.  They were awesome!  Very helpful, easy to work with and organized.  I'm not sure I could have gotten a better deal from anyone else.  I would definitely recommend NW Premier Mortgage for any purchases or Refi's!  Thanks guys."
~2014, Dave, Portland, OR

"Thank you again for all of your hard work – it was so appreciated! I will refi in a few years with you! Thank you again!!"
~2014, Kim, Portland, OR

"You guys … have been so awesome and I will be recommending you to all my friends!!"
~2014, Kari, Oregon City, OR

"I've had a number of mortgage brokers over the years and Ken Kondziela is GREAT!  I recommend him to all of my friends and acquaintances.  He really cares about getting you a great deal, is very honest and gets the job done fast. I have used his services many times the last 4 years for my investment properties and personal properties and he never has failed me."
~2013, Julie, Portland, OR

"I have been helped by Ken [and his team] a few times over the past several years. There are none better, in my opinion."
~2013, Bob, Washougal, WA

"Thank you for all your hard work and due diligence!!! Ken, thank you for hanging in there with me through all those worksheets and months of emails. I really, really appreciate it!!!!! I couldn't have done it without you!! Nice work!!"
~2013, Kim, Portland, OR

"Ken and Team, we LOVE our new home and we couldn't have achieved our dream without your help!  Thank you everyone SO much for making our dream a reality!"
~2013, Tania, Hillsboro, OR

"Thanks again for your help, I've been so impressed with your work. I deal with so many people in the finance world and am constantly disappointed with the professionals on the lending side…so I'm glad to have been introduced to you. You will be my new referral source for clients!"
~2013, Lindsay, West Linn, OR

"Your excellent service ensures we will continue to refer people to you in the years ahead."
~2013, Brooke, Eugene, OR

"Thanks a million Libbie. You have been awesome and are greatly appreciated!"
~2013, Chris, Sandy, OR

"We really appreciate your patience with us and speeding up the closing process. You made Stacy very happy. Now she can start her nesting process!"
~2013, Patrick, Hillsboro, OR

"Just wanted to thank you for the whole loan process. We signed yesterday and it all went very smoothly. You have all been great to work with and I appreciate everything you did for us to make the loan work!"
~2013, Dave, Portland, OR

"I wanted to say thank you. You guys walked me through this whole journey, step by step. I appreciate all the hard work you guys did for me. I will most definitely refer NW Premier to my friends and family. It's hard to find hard-working, on-the-ball and honest people. Without your team I would have gone CRAZY!"
~2013, Wendy, Fairview, OR

"Thanks everyone! Dereik, thanks for working your magic and getting all the financials wrapped up in a 30-day timeframe. Send our thanks to Libbie, as well."
~2013, Carl, Portland, OR

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work and for putting up with me.  Everything went smoothly on Thursday and I don't foresee any "surprises" when the loan funds tomorrow.  If and when we decide to make a move on our rental -- or another property -- we'll keep you in mind. "
~2013, Barry, Lake Oswego, OR

"I really wish we had more hard working people like you in this world… :) Glad to be working with you!"
~2013, Wendy, Gresham, OR

"You are my hero."
~2013, Olivia, Portland, OR

"Ken, thanks for processing all the loan paperwork so quickly.  …We will sing praises about NW Premier and you will be highly recommended to all our friends and family."
~ 2013, Pete and Sarah, Vancouver, WA

"Ken Kondziela… has a great team and has processed two mortgages for us.  He also processed one for another friend of ours and they all went through as promised.  Ken is always available, talks like a human instead of trying to talk over your head, and his staff processes thing as fast as you can get it to them. They are honest and don't promise things they can't deliver.  Of course, you have to do your part and get them what they need, but I recommend them without reservation."
~ 2012, Randy, Lake Oswego, OR

"Ken, appreciate all the help you and your team provided. Please extend my thanks to them as well. If I have any questions going forward I will be sure to contact you!""
~ 2012, Kevin, Beaverton, OR

"Thank you to Michele and Ken.  Please let them be the example to all on how to work WITH your clients - as always you have exceeded our expectations."
~ 2012, Melinda, Gladstone, OR

"Resa, what a wonderful transaction. It was truly a pleasure working with you and your firm. Please send me some cards so I may refer business to you and your lender."
~ 2012, Heather, Sunriver, OR

"Ken, we really appreciate you, Sara's and your whole team's help and making the entire process feel effortless.  Thanks again!"
~ 2012, Eric, Portland, OR

"We put our trust in Ken Kondziela as our mortgage advisor for not only two rental purchases, but also refinancing our home.  Ken was very patient and most important, very knowledgeable about the rates, the points, ...everything!!  We had  many questions and scenarios to consider, and Ken patiently talked and advised us through each option until we were able to arrive at a decision.  We are thankful to have him as such a great neighborhood resource!!"
~ 2012, Kelly and Andy, Portland, OR

"Ken, thank you so much! You guys have been a wonderful team and have made this such a great experience for us house-buying newbies! Thanks for all your hard work and for always answering all of our millions of questions. If anyone we know ventures into the house buying market, we will recommend you guys highly.  Thanks again!"
~ 2012,  Sarah and Kevin, Portland, OR

"I worked with Dereik Mason while recently purchasing my first home and I can't recommend him enough.  He kept me a step ahead of the game the whole process and he always replied to my inquiries with blazing speed with great detail.  He worked tirelessly to make sure that everything went smoothly for me.  He actually got all my paperwork done so that I closed a week early and he said I could have even closed a week earlier than that if we needed/wanted to.  Between him and my real estate agent, I don't think the whole process could have went any better!"
~ 2012, Bryan, Beaverton, OR

"Ken and team, thank you all for your hard work on our refinance!  It is greatly appreciated!  Now we only have to work until we're 65 instead of 80!"
~ 2012, Brian and Terri,  Portland, OR

"I've used Dereik's services to purchase and to re-fi, and I refer him to all of my clients.  If you are looking for a mortgage broker who will tirelessly fight to get you a great rate, who will go the extra mile to ensure that your deal will close on time, who provides thorough and friendly communication, who is knowledgeable and highly detail oriented, then let Dereik earn your business."
~ 2012, Mason, Portland, OR

"Ken, your help in assisting with the condo was very much appreciated.  You and your office staff were so very willing to do what was needed, most quickly and professionally!  Hopefully my daughter will be in a position to buy soon and you will be available to assist her also.  Again, my thanks to you and your crew!"
~ 2012, Patti, McMinnville, OR

"You guys rock!  It's great working with you!"
~ 2012, Patty, Lake Oswego, OR

"What can I say!!!  Love them!!  I had bought my first home, and Dereik Mason was very thorough, explained everything in detail, and was always professional and understanding!  Since this was my first home, he had to deal with my little "freak-outs" from time to time.  I was NERVOUS about getting into so much debt.  Everything went smooth and very, very fast!  Was so easy!  What I loved the most, was that I was also able to do a lot of the paperwork via email.  No extra time off work was needed.  Again, loved the entire experience!"
~2012, Crystal, Portland, OR

"Ken and NW Premier, I know you did lots of hard work for very little compensation.  I greatly appreciate all you did for me!"
~ 2012, Judy, Central Point, OR

"Dereik was great!  Super easy to work with, great at communicating.  I would recommend anyone to work with Dereik whether it is a new home or a refi.  We did a refi and Dereik saved me $200 a month!"
~ 2012, Tim, Beaverton, OR

"Ken, the house is so wonderful and we wouldn't be here without your hard work and patience!  Thank you so very much!!"
~ 2012, Mindy and Kelly, Gladstone, OR

"We've used Dereik Mason's services on 3 separate occasions: 1 purchase and 2 refinances (and wish that I had used him on my first purchase.) Each time we've worked with him and his office, they have been professional and detail oriented. Dereik works really hard, has excellent communication skills and is really fast to answer your questions; as a bonus, he has an excellent sense of humor. We strongly recommend Dereik for any of your mortgage needs... his service is top notch!"
~ 2012, Julie, Columbia City, OR

"Ken, just a quick note to let you know that Myndi is ecstatic with the service you and your staff are providing.  She is very happy that she dumped her previous Mortgage Broker.  Thanks for making me look good by suggesting she go with you!"
~2011, Randy, Lake Oswego, OR

"Dereik, we all enjoyed your help and candor during this very important chapter in our lives, not to mention during a difficult economic trend (banks, etc).  We will do our best to send any business your way.  Again, thank you for this wonderful journey!  You are awesome!"
~ 2011, Ted, Portland, OR

"Ken and team, we appreciate all your help with the re-financing this year.  We both know you worked super, duper hard at making this happen and it is appreciated beyond words.  Thanks again for all your support."
~ 2011, Sean & Heather, Portland, OR

"Ken, everything went well at the signing.  Thank you and your team for helping us through the procedure.  You are so professional and very kind people to work with.  Thank you all!"
~ 2011, Min and Mao, Cupertino, CA

"Thanks to all of you for your help and time on this.  It'll save us thousands of dollars...always a good thing!  We'll keep trying to send more clients your way without hesitation."
~ 2011, Randy and Kathy, Lake Oswego, OR

"I really appreciate your patience!  You all have been awesome to work with and I hope to work with you continually in the future!"
~ 2011, Patty, Lake Oswego, OR

"Thanks for all your help.  You have a great team there!  Everybody pitches in."
~ 2011, Larry, Portland, OR

"Travis and I used Ken for our refi and have referred multiple people to him that have been very happy!"
~ 2010, Lucy, Portland, OR

"Ken, the signing went smoothly.  We were in and out of there within 20 minutes.  And, may I say it has been a pleasure working with you as well.  Thank you for your professionalism and competency.  I cannot think of a time when the process has gone so smoothly and quickly."
~2010, John, Damascus, OR

"Ken has refi'd my place twice.  He is a straight shooter and doesn't gouge you with fees!  I know several other friends that have been really happy with him as well."
~ 2010, Andrew, Portland, OR

"Ken, thanks for putting together the loan on a great home.  It is a wonderful house, neighborhood and community.  Many thanks!"
~ 2010, Steve, Corvallis, OR

"Thanks everyone for the tips!  I went with Ken Kondziela, and he got me a rippin' rate and he has been great to work with."
~ 2010, Manny, Portland, OR

"Ken helped us with refinancing our house and got us a great rate.  It's like finding money on the sidewalk."
~ 2009, Andy, Portland, OR

"Ken recently did another refinance for me.  Lowered my interest rate over 1% and got me a pocketful of cash.  If you have been thinking about it, give him a call. "
~ 2009, Mike, Portland, OR

"Ken just refinanced my place and got me a great rate. He does a great job without any B.S.! This is the second time I have used him. "
~ 2009, Andrew, Portland, OR

"Ken has handled my mortgage and refinance as well as several for my family members.  I highly recommend him and I doubt you will find a better deal in Portland."
~2009, Mike, Portland, OR

"Ken, you've been great through the process and appreciate you keeping us posted on opportunities through the past year."
~ 2009, Kevin, Portland, OR